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Feeling fat feels rubbish (whether you are or not!)

Do you eat to fill a void in your life, not your belly?

Are you plagued by arthritic knees or fear developing diabetes?

Do you avoid mirrors and hate going shopping for clothes?

If your relationship with food needs a divorce lawyer, I am that person! If food is your cocaine (or G & T) you'll need help to break out of entrenched patterns. Maybe you've battled with your weight or eating habits for as long as you can remember and can't imagine viewing food as fuel. You need to eat to live, but the challenge is the daily choices. As diets are about deprivation and self-control, rather than feeling differently about food (and yourself) they rarely work long-term. I mean if diets were the answer you'd be slim, right?

Eating habits are just that, habits. Deeply entrenched, but habits nevertheless, so they can be broken!

I help clients who want to change their relationship with food for good. We will explore the drivers behind your eating habits and self-medicating with food. I'll help you to find new, more rewarding ways to fill emotional gaps or habits borne out of boredom. When you have ditched your old unhealthy behaviours you will start to shed weight steadily and sustainably. This is not a quick fix, but a long term strategy with long-lasting effects and you can expect to improve your self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence as a consequence of our work together. What's not to like?

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