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Win the nightly battle of overthinking and insomnia

Are you going nuts from exhaustion and lack of sleep?

Does your fear of not sleeping keep you awake?

Do you turn to booze, dope or sleeping pills to manage stress?

If this sounds like you, I can help. Disturbed sleep is a modern epidemic and can lead to anxiety, poor concentration, low mood and loss of libido. Stressful events might keep you awake initially, then develop into a pattern of worrying about whether you'll sleep and how bad you'll feel if you don't. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a cycle of fretting and insomnia which is difficult to break.

Poor sleep isn't part of you, it's a pattern, so can be re-learned

The good thing is that old self-sabotaging patterns around thinking and sleeping can be changed. Firstly, I'll help you to establish better sleep preparation routines. Then we'll work on breaking the cycle of stressful, cyclical thinking that robs you of precious sleep. I believe that hypnotherapy is the best way to induce relaxation and set you up for a good night's kip. I’ll also provide you with my best-selling recording 'Blissful Sleep' free, as part of your therapy. And I'll teach you self-hypnosis and Mindfulness methods you can use at home too.

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