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Your phobia may be nuts, but you are not!

Are you embarrassed by your phobia?

Has your fear of flying stopped you travelling?

Is your phobic response to something impacting negatively on your life?

You may know that your phobia is irrational, but your phobic response is automatic; common sense or 'facing your fear' rarely works. Embarrassment or the judgement or ridicule of others can only make you feel worse. Phobias are a bit of a nightmare (no pun intended!) and unlike a broken heart, time is unlikely to be a healer; you need professional help to be free of a crippling or embarrassing phobia.

Can you believe this? Your phobia is designed to keep you safe!

It may be that you learned to be afraid of spiders because you watched your mother scream and jump on a chair when an arachnoid ran across the floor or because you experienced something scary at an earlier age, such as being bitten by a dog or chased by a goose. Sometimes what 'set up' the phobia is something unknown, although there will be a cause. Whatever the type or origins of your phobia, your unconscious mind is trying to keep you safe from this 'dangerous' thing. Changing this 'message' is essential to overcoming your phobia.

The great news is that I am trained and qualified in many different phobia treatments including Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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