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Get over your heebie-jeebies and enjoy public speaking

Do you feel sick to your stomach when you think about public speaking?

Have you thought of leaving a job to avoid having to present to colleagues or clients?

Is your quality of life impacted by the physical and emotional effects of your secret fear?

If this sounds like you, I can help. Presentation nerves can be totally debilitating regardless of how competent or capable you are and you can feel traumatised just by thinking about it. And it's the thinking that does the damage. Your thoughts of freezing, drying-up and looking stupid in front of an audience will lead to confidence-crushing negative self-talk which plays in your head on a loop

It's your thoughts that need changing, not you!

I can help you to re-write the internal message and change any distorted or unhelpful thinking. I will work with you using tried and tested CBT and hypnosis techniques to re-focus your attention. Rather than focusing on your internal state or head chatter, you'll concentrate on the task in hand. You'll no longer need to throw a sickie, delegate or use any of your old avoidance techniques as it is possible to replace crippling nerves with controlled excitement.

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