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Doing nothing is exhausting! Ditch your demons and get going

Does your need for perfection lead to paralysis and inaction?

Are you stuck in a habitual pattern of indecision and self-criticism?

Do you delay doing things until a deadline forces you into last-minute action?

If you experience any of the above I can help. The reasons for lack of motivation and procrastination are often misunderstood but they have nothing to do with laziness. Sometimes it's an (unconscious) strategy to avoid something you fear. This could be a fear of looking stupid, a fear of failure or even success. Maybe it's an unrealistic quest for perfection which prevents you from even making a start. Sometimes it's a sense of overwhelm because a task is just too big to be undertaken.

Addressing the fears and blocks which keep you stuck

Whatever the cause of your stress-inducing inaction, l can help you to change the internal messages that prevent you from getting on with your life and work. Imagine how good it will feel when you are free from self-sabotaging behaviours and anxiety. You may be pleasantly surprised at how soon you will experience a shift in focus and motivation level.

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