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Anxiety sucks. Want to live differently?

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by panicky thoughts?

Do the 'what-if's' keep you awake at night?

Is over-thinking ruining your life or relationship?

Does this sound like you? Then I can help. Anxiety disorders and panic attacks are the plague of our times. Stressful periods at work or life events can cause low-level stress to escalate to full-blown panic. A common myth is that people who are prone to anxiety are negative and unhappy, but successful people with happy lives and relationships can find themselves experiencing waves of fear and anxiety too. Anxiety affects both men and women and will manifest in different ways.

Anxiety is what you do, not who you are, so it's not permanent!

The amazing thing is that the root cause of anxious patterns isn’t important in resolving it. I use solution-focused hypnotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help you control your runaway thoughts. I’ll also teach you practical anxiety-busting techniques, self-hypnosis, NLP and Mindfulness.

Make your anxious patterns a thing of the past.

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