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Weight loss hypnotherapy

We frequently hear about new diets and nutrition advice and it seems that everyone has an opinion. The information we receive however is often conflicting and the benefits of a particular approach are not always clear or fully explained.

The plethora of diet tips in the media may include avoiding eating carbs after 6pm, not to mix carbs and protein or maybe to ‘fast’ for certain days of the week or to ‘detox’ our bodies. Advice from public health officials tends to be more ‘conventional’ - to always eat breakfast or to count calories and so on. But what happened to listening to our own body’s messages? Maybe listening to our own hunger signals would be more beneficial than advice from others?

Nutrition information (and misinformation) in the media and on the web can increase confusion about what to eat or avoid in order to be healthy or lose weight. Certain foods, such as oils and fat or carbohydrates become ‘demonised’. Some clients who have disordered eating become extremely anxious about particular foods and become obsessed with healthy eating (Orthorexia).

When you become more tuned into your body’s needs, rather than your weight or size, changes can occur quickly and naturally. Being mindful of what you are actually putting in your mouth is a good first step, as is treating your food with consideration, and paying it the attention it deserves. Making eating a conscious activity is essential to avoid unconscious grazing and inevitable weight gain. By simply eating slowly and consciously you can make a real difference to how much you consume. If you’d like help to re-programme old patterns, give me a call and book in with me for weight loss hypnotherapy.