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6 self-help techniques I teach my clients that have made by job as a therapist easier

Clients come to see me for many different reasons, and as a client-led, solution-focused therapist it’s my job to respond to everyone as an individual and call upon a wide array of techniques to find the tools that will be most effective.  However, there are some tools that I teach almost every client because they are simple, effective and work with a wide range of issues.

1. Self-hypnosis
2. Tapping
3. Hypnosis recordings
4. Mindfulness
5. Yoga
6. 7/11 Breathing

All of these techniques are very effective in different ways from interrupting cravings or unhelpful thoughts to slowing our heart rate and recovering our equilibrium. When they are used regularly between sessions they can also act as an excellent reinforcement and help you to cement the changes that we have talked about and worked on during our therapy sessions.

Practicing self-hypnosis, meditating and listening to recordings can help you to enter the focused state that we call hypnosis more easily.  In addition when you use these techniques in your daily life you may potentially achieve greater results than those who don’t listen to recordings or practise self-hypnosis. Evidence from randomised controlled trials indicates that hypnosis, relaxation, and meditation techniques significantly reduce anxiety and stress.

All the techniques mentioned above switch your focus into the present moment; when we are in the present moment we are not worrying about the future, running a negative narrative or ruminating over the past.  Generally speaking, when we bring our awareness to what is happening in the here and now we can see that things are okay.

These practices are all well-researched and recognised for their stress-reducing effects. Research has shown us that people who make it a practice of focusing on things that they are grateful for have lower stress levels and are happier with their lives than people who do not.  When we are less stressed, we are more resilient. The tools that you learn in your sessions with me may not only help you with your current challenges, but also assist you in coping more effectively with future issues.

If you’d like to learn (or brush up on) any of these techniques, please get in touch. A new decade offers new opportunities and if you want to feel more confident pursuing new plans or realising your New Year’s resolutions, why not book in for a refresher session?