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Are you seeking change this year?

Are you enjoying your life? I know it's a big question and the answer to this may vary depending on when you answer. So, if I narrowed my question down, would you say that you are doing something you chose to do (and love) or have you just found yourself where you are? Do you wish your week away and live for the weekend? Maybe you are missing out on enjoying 'now' by waiting for a holiday, graduation or even retirement to bring you what you seek? Maybe the important question is: Are you happy with where life is taking you? If the answer to this is 'No' then you certainly won't be alone, but are you waiting for something to change or are you planning to act?

Many people choose to live passively (yes, it is a choice) and just allow life to 'happen to them' rather than putting themselves in the driving seat. This is especially true when they are merely unfulfilled, rather than desperately unhappy. Sometimes it takes a near-death experience or the loss of a loved one to spur us on to do what we always wanted to do.

The reasons that we live our life the way that we do can be complex. We may adopt a passive or helpless stance because it's what we have witnessed in our care-givers, or as a response to life events. These past experiences shape the way we view things and therefore how we behave. In one way or another all 'content' stored in our minds has been 'filtered' through an unconscious process of deletion, distortion or generalisation. Our minds absorb an external event and then we put our own personal spin on it. This means that we often see things in a way that 'fits' with our outlook or 'model of the world'. For example, two or three people could witness the same event, yet describe it very differently.

How you see your future is affected by your beliefs. Many of us carry around 'baggage' and have unconsciously made limiting decisions about ourselves. It is these decisions that so often prevent us from creating the future that we want. It doesn't have to stay that way though. Once we become aware of our self-imposed 'blocks' and appreciate our role in their construction, we can set about changing or removing them. This can be done through self-development programmes, self-help books, positive affirmations, or with the help of a therapist or coach.

It is possible to change our old perceptions in order to create the future we want. A new year is upon us and new opportunities await us all. So what's stopping you? Do you want to let life happen to you or are you ready to take your place in the driver's seat?