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Don’t listen and don’t do this!

There are lots of rants on social media right now; don’t do this, do more of that, give to this cause, or
that... There’s so much pressure to be doing something ‘useful’ during the lockdown. As a self-
employed person forced into lockdown the prevailing message is that if you’re not pivoting your
business or preparing to launch a new project you aren’t being productive. If you’re furloughed and
you’re not learning a new language or making bread out of something weird you found at the back
of your kitchen cupboard, you’re missing an opportunity. Show the wartime spirit and seize the
moment people! Get creating, cleaning, re-designing your garden and continuing your business or
job online while home-educating your children or caring for a loved one.

Aagh! Nooo....

Now is not the time to do double the amount of stuff you normally do. Everyone has different ways
of coping with change and challenges. Some people like to get busy and distract themselves from
the mostly miserable news, whilst others get through the isolation by chatting with friends or
watching old comedy shows on TV.

The critical internal dialogue that many people have is never helpful and is probably more
destructive than ever at the moment. Don’t let the ‘shoulds’ get in the way of getting through this
pandemic with a healthy level of self-esteem and wellbeing. Do whatever you need to do to stay
sane at this strange time. Change your ‘shoulds’ to ‘coulds’ so that you recognise that everything is a
choice. When something feels like a choice, rather than a duty, it feels a whole lot more

To be honest, whatever you're doing it’s probably enough, but if you want to do more, ask yourself
who you’re doing it for. Are you feeling pressured to do something to keep up with others or to
prove something, or are you doing it because it will bring you pleasure or satisfaction? Of course
there’ll be things we need to do, shop for food, eat, bathe, a basic level of exercise etc. and if you
have work you will probably want to continue it, which is fine, but beyond that it’s up to you.
For most people a balance of the essentials and the ‘I choose to’ things will result in getting through
this time emotionally intact, but if you are struggling with a dose of ‘the shoulds’ or need to banish
your negative head chatter, get in touch. I specialise in working with clients with anxious thought
patterns, low self-esteem and motivation concerns and am available for hypnotherapy, CBT and
therapeutic coaching sessions using video conferencing software. These sessions are confidential
and secure and if you want to have a no-obligation phone or video chat before booking a session,
that’s fine too. Stay safe and be kind to yourself.