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Don’t listen and don’t do this!

There are lots of rants on social media right now; don’t do this, do more of that, give to this cause, orthat... There’s so much pressure to be doing something ‘useful’ during the lockdown. As a self-employed person forced into lockdown the prevailing message is that if you’re not pivoting yourbusiness or preparing to launch a new project you aren’t being productive. If you’re furloughed
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Tips to reduce teeth grinding or jaw clenching

Do you wake up in the morning with a headache or a sore jaw?  Perhaps your partner has commented that you grind your teeth while you’re sleeping. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re clenching your jaw unconsciously during the day while you’re concentrating intently on something. Bruxism, or tooth grinding and jaw clenching is something that usually happens in the night while you’re sleeping,
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6 self-help techniques I teach my clients that have made by job as a therapist easier

Clients come to see me for many different reasons, and as a client-led, solution-focused therapist it’s my job to respond to everyone as an individual and call upon a wide array of techniques to find the tools that will be most effective.  However, there are some tools that I teach almost every client because they are simple, effective and work with a wide range of issues.1. Self-hypnosis2.
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What I have learned from my clients

Since becoming a therapist in 1995 I have continued to learn about my profession. I do this through reading, speaking with other therapists and attending Continuous Professional Development courses. I regularly attend conferences for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists and follow new research. I suppose you could say that I’ve aspired to become the best therapist that I can be so that I can serve
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How has dyslexia affected your life?

People who are diagnosed with dyslexia as adults, rather than in their younger years will often report having suffered many years of failure and criticism in school. They may have been accused of being lazy, not paying attention or have been made to feel they were stupid. As a consequence they may have had a poor attendance record through truanting or school refusal. For those who did attend regularly
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