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What I have learned from my clients

Since becoming a therapist in 1995 I have continued to learn about my profession. I do this through reading, speaking with other therapists and attending Continuous Professional Development courses. I regularly attend conferences for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists and follow new research. I suppose you could say that I’ve aspired to become the best therapist that I can be so that I can serve
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How has dyslexia affected your life?

People who are diagnosed with dyslexia as adults, rather than in their younger years will often report having suffered many years of failure and criticism in school. They may have been accused of being lazy, not paying attention or have been made to feel they were stupid. As a consequence they may have had a poor attendance record through truanting or school refusal. For those who did attend regularly
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Are you making time for yourself?

All of us know that taking time for ourselves is a good thing; we’ve all heard of the phrase “me time”.  But how many of us actually do it? Stress and overwhelm is one of the most common reasons that people seek therapy in the UK.  Those feelings of stress are the response to a situation, or a range of situations which tell us that we need to take action. When we ignore those feelings
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What you need to know about flying phobias

The last couple of weeks will probably have been the busiest of the year at airports around the country. People heading off to far flung destinations will have been crowding the cafes and concourses waiting to depart. Some will consider their holiday as having started once they sip on their first wine or beer in the airport bar, whilst others will be attempting to steady their nerves. The seasonal
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Do you secretly fear being rumbled as a fraud?

If so, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome (IS) is an unpleasant manifestation of self-doubt or low self-esteem. Those who have IS will often believe that they have achieved what they have through a fortuitous fluke, rather than hard work or capability. Individuals (often women, but certainly not always) will fear being ‘discovered’ as not being good enough, knowing enough
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