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Much attention and focus is given to women in the run-up to birthing and the time immediately afterwards, but before very long, women may find themselves at home and on their own for long periods. Your baby may sleep all night through, rarely bellow or be fractious, and you may be feeling energetic and fantastic, which is great. However if you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted you won’t be alone!
Women who to choose to breastfeed sometimes struggle with technique, milk supply or soreness. You may be getting lots of helpful support or you may be getting input from all quarters and feeling less than your best. Baby may be more demanding than you’d imagined, you could be recovering from the physical impact of birth...or you may just be worn out...
Many of my clients say that despite having heard other mums talk about sleep deprivation in the first few weeks and months, the effects simply couldn’t be imagined (or prepared for) prior to baby’s arrival. One told me that she was using my self-hypnosis birth preparation recording in the afternoons to help her get some sleep!
If you would like to feel differently, emotionally or physically, or to be able to take advantage of any available ‘sleep opportunities’ then a session or two of post-natal hypnosis could well help you. For mums who can’t make it to the centre, I have made a post-natal self-hypnosis recording and a ‘Blissful Sleep’ recording.