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How hypnosis helps in pregnancy.

Whilst pregnancy should be a wonderful experience, physically and emotionally, sadly it isn't always so. This may be due to conception difficulties, IVF treatment, pregnancy complications, previous miscarriage, birth trauma or frightening childbirth stories shared by others. If you are feeling stressed, anxious or uncomfortable, please book to see me for a free consultation and I'll explain how hypnosis may be able to help. At your first therapy session I'll guide you into hypnosis and work with you to help you to manage any uncomfortable physical symptoms, to feel positive about your pregnancy and forthcoming birth and to visualise a good outcome, whether you are anticipating a natural birth or are scheduled for a caesarean section. Ante-natal hypnosis can help you and your partner to remain calm and focused whether your pregnancy is straightforward or more complex. My pregnancy recordings encourage deep relaxation and include hypnotic suggestions for the management of problematic symptoms caused by hormonal changes. Using these recordings at home can reinforce the work that we do in one-to-one sessions. A special track of music for relaxation is included on the Preparation for Birth recording. Recordings can be purchased without any obligation to book Hypnotherapy sessions.

When to start pregnancy hypnosis
You can start enjoying hypnosis at any time. The first trimester is a time when pregnancy hormones can bring a variety of unwelcome physical changes and as women often choose to keep news of their pregnancy confidential in the early stages, they may feel unsupported or find themselves struggling to maintain peak performance (at work for instance) in spite of fatigue, nausea or other symptoms.
Women who have experienced birth trauma following previous difficult births or those who are frightened or nervous about the prospect of childbirth, often begin individual sessions in the early stages of pregnancy or before conception. If attending the centre for face-to-face sessions isn’t possible, listening to my self-hypnosis pregnancy recordings may prove a good alternative.
Where phobias such as fear of needles, fear of blood tests, or fear of vomiting exist, or if you are afraid of doctors or hospitals, it’s a good idea for us to work together to reduce or eradicate these fears at an early stage, in order to minimise stress or anxiety.