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Hypnosis For Fertility Wimbledon

As a therapist with experience of pregnancy and birth hypnosis, and a great interest in pre-natal issues, I am increasingly working with women and couples who are struggling to conceive, either naturally, or with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Back in the 90’s I mostly used reflexology to help those with unexplained fertility or ovulation problems. Whilst this was often very effective in improving general health, relieving stress or for re-balancing an irregular cycle, I believe that hypnosis (sometimes in conjunction with reflexology) offers the best approach.
My aim when working with fertility issues is to help each individual client or couple to optimise their chances of success, whether they are hoping to conceive naturally or through ART. So my sessions may include reviewing practical lifestyle matters, releasing negative or unhelpful beliefs or past trauma, and in all cases, the reduction and management of stress. Sessions are likely to include visualisations, which I believe enhance not only the mental attitude, but also the physical state. For me it’s not about simply ‘thinking positive’ but is about gaining and maintaining a belief that becoming a parent is possible.
Starting a family can, understandably, become the prime focus for women and couples who are trying to conceive, and this can have a negative impact on emotional and physical health as well as relationships, especially if repeated attempts result in disappointment. Where appropriate, I can offer you support to develop strategies to deal with any difficult situations and decisions should they arise.
If you have been experiencing any conception difficulties or are using (or planning to use) ART, and would like to talk to me about hypnosis for fertility, please contact me to arrange a free consultation.