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The Hypnotherapy Centre

421 Durnsford Road, London, SW19 8EE

0208 947 3338

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Why choose hypnosis for childbirth?
A short, gentle and drug-free birth without medical intervention is the aim of most mums-to-be and I do my best to help you to achieve this through our hypnobirthing sessions. Birthing is a natural process and should be enjoyable and rewarding. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and first time mothers often report feeling out of control in the hospital environment. Where a previous birth has been excessively painful, traumatic or protracted, then excitement can be replaced by dread. Clients of mine who have learned to use self-hypnosis during pregnancy, have described feeling calm and in control when birthing, and have rarely asked for medication. Naturally, when a woman feels relaxed, her muscles relax and the wonderful experience of childbirth can become just that.

What my sessions offer.
In my Hypnobirthing sessions, you and your birthing partner experience together, the mental and physical benefits of deep relaxation and positive suggestions that I will give you in hypnosis. You will also learn a variety of relaxation, self-hypnosis and NLP techniques that you practise both in our sessions and at home so that you are prepared for a calm and positive birth. You'll take home a helpful handbook, a self-hypnosis recording to use between sessions as well as hypnotic relaxation music to use during birthing or at any time when you want deep-level relaxation, whether that is before or after the birth.

How I work.
To offer you the best service, I generally work with you individually or with you and your birth companion, rather than with large groups, as everyone has different fears, expectations and history. I am an experienced hypnotherapist with a background in complementary therapy and tailor all my sessions to suit your individual needs, rather than following a rigid laid-down programme. With 20 years experience of ante-natal therapy, I believe I can offer helpful support to women and couples approaching childbirth. Through attending my classes, then practising at home, you can gain confidence in your ability to birth naturally and your partner or companion can really enjoy being involved and having an important role at this special time.
Your three birth preparation classes with me include discussion, demonstration and then practise of techniques, as well as guided hypnosis. There is some structure to each session in regard to content, but the focus varies from individual to individual, couple to couple – my aim is to help you get what you want from the experience.

When to start Hypnosis for Childbirth
Ideally, appointments are at approximately 32, 34 and 36 weeks and these can be during the day, evening or at weekends. I offer a free consultation so that you can meet me, see the centre and ask any questions prior to booking. If possible, I suggest that all three sessions are arranged well in advance so that you can put them in your diary and relax knowing that you have selected times that will fit with your schedule. Home visits may be possible – please call me for more information.
Why not start sooner? Women can book for Hypnosis for Pregnancy sessions at any time and these can be great preparation throughout the early or middle stages of pregnancy. By 32 weeks, couples are usually quite focused, so tend to make the time required for their home practise. The two-week gap between classes allows you and your birth partner to use my recordings, practise the techniques learned in each session and gain confidence in using self-hypnosis. However, if you have reason to believe that you are likely to birth before 39 or 40 weeks an earlier start is possible.

Birth Hypnosis and the NHS
Clients often ask me how midwives respond to women using hypnosis for childbirth. My experience has been that they are usually very supportive of this natural approach, as the experience tends to be relaxed and positive for all concerned. One of ‘my mums’ reported that her midwife (who’d had no prior experience of hypnotic births) declared on watching her birth comfortably and quietly, “This changes everything”. Another client, who’d chosen to have a water-birth at home, said that her (NHS) midwife simply sat on the stairs and observed as my client drifted in out of her relaxed (hypnotic) state and just checked her progress from time to time.
Midwives who are unfamiliar with birth hypnosis frequently express surprise at the demeanour of their patients when they present at the hospital, and sometimes don’t believe that they are in active labour until the woman is physically examined. Women who have learnt self-hypnosis remain calm and relaxed and often stay at home longer, leaving for hospital only when they are close to birthing their babies.
Interest in hypnosis is growing within the NHS and a major research study into the birth hypnosis was conducted in the North of England in 2015. I am confident that this will result in a new awareness of the benefits of hypnosis for childbirth.