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The Hypnotherapy Centre

421 Durnsford Road, London, SW19 8EE

0208 947 3338


Do you want to let go of pregnancy or birthing fears? Would you like your forthcoming birth to be as relaxed and natural as possible? If so, I promise to give you and your birthing partner my full attention in our one-to-one hypnosis sessions and lessons. My therapy centre has plenty of space, natural light and air conditioning, so you can enjoy your classes in comfort.
You can relax knowing that in our hypnobirthing sessions, I'll be listening to what you want. We'll start by talking through your wishes and expectations before I help you into guided hypnosis. You'll then learn self-hypnosis and pain control and other powerful techniques that can really make a difference to your birth experience.
At each session we'll chat about your progress, then you'll practise the techniques that you need most help with. Whether you're a first time mum or a mother of three, attending alone or with a birthing partner, as an experienced hypnotherapist, I will teach you all you need to know about hypnosis. The birth of your child will be something you'll remember forever, so it's worth choosing an approach that will help you to approach your birth with confidence.

Messages from some of my mums

“I decided to try hypno birthing classes after meeting Lorraine when pregnant with my 3rd child. My first 2 births were challenging, fairly long and both babies were in a difficult position. Lorraine explained what was involved and my husband and I decided it was worth trying if it could reduce my fear and improve the birthing experience. We really enjoyed the classes with Lorraine - they were great fun and really helpful. I felt very relaxed approaching the birth and felt no dread whatsoever. Victoria, weighing 9lb, was born in 40 minutes, in the right position and with no time for pain relief! It was incredible. I felt in control, which I put down to the classes and the recovery was very fast also. I can only recommend Lorraine - birthing is such a special experience and the classes really made it memorable as opposed to challenging.”

“I had a wonderful birthing day, my midwife had never experienced a hypno birth and my mum said her exact words were “This changes everything!” I was calm and fully accepted that my body was capable of such a natural thing. My mum (mother of 7) is still amazed. Everyone in my NCT class said that I had the experience they all wanted. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hypnosis for childbirth was brilliant. We had a wonderful and positive birth experience. It was an excellent way to help prepare my husband who was apprehensive about the experience. Thank you Lorraine.”

“After successfully stopping smoking following hypnotherapy treatment with Lorraine, I didn’t hesitate to book sessions when I became pregnant, to help me prepare and achieve the natural birth I hoped for. The sessions were relaxed and enjoyable, giving myself and my husband time to focus and connect with our baby. When the day of birth arrived I was very calm throughout and George arrived fairly quickly with minimal medical intervention. The birth was absolutely the experience I had hoped it would be and I strongly believe this was as a result of Lorraine’s help. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy for childbirth with Lorraine.”

“I truly think that the hypnosis that I had with you prior to giving birth really contributed to the easy and pain free labour that I experienced.
Our hypnotherapy sessions really gave me the confidence I needed and reassured me that my body was capable of doing the most natural thing a woman can do, without any help or interference!”

"Faced with a stubborn mental block regarding pregnancy and having a baby, and fast approaching 35 years old, I went to Lorraine for a hypnotherapy session. I wanted to want a baby, but I just didn't want to! I was terrified and extremely negative about all aspects of pregnancy, birth, parenting, etc. The session was a breakthrough - instantly cutting through years and years of nagging limiting beliefs by allowing me to access my intuition and see what really mattered to me. I couldn't believe it! When I later became pregnant, hypnotherapy allowed me to feel happy, calm and accepting of my pregnancy. My husband and I then took Lorraine's hypnobirthing course and thanks to this, I had a fantastic birthing experience. The pain was totally manageable (four days of on-and-off contractions didn't faze me!); I felt empowered and in control. I had a natural, vaginal birth with only gas and air, and minimal tearing. I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the euphoric cocktail of natural hormones one's body creates for childbirth. I look back on the experience with great joy and pride - it has helped my transition into motherhood enormously to feel so calm and confident".

“Having been diagnosed with certain complications in my pregnancy, I decided to look into hypnotherapy as a way of keeping me calm, positive and relaxed throughout a difficult time. And the sessions with Lorraine have definitely done that. It’s a great way of focusing my thoughts on what’s important, and generally making sure I stay balanced and calm - which at some points hasn’t been easy. I’d recommend it for anyone who’s pregnant - whether you’ve got a ‘normal’ pregnancy and planning a natural birth, or not - it’s a great way of keeping in touch with what’s happening in your body and giving yourself a window in today’s hectic lifestyle to step back and re-connect with your pregnancy in a really positive way”.

“During my first pregnancy I suffered badly from fluid retention and swelling of my legs and ankles which was very uncomfortable. So in my second pregnancy, on Lorraine’s advice, I started having reflexology from the start of the second trimester and followed a scheduled programme right up until my delivery date. Not only did I have no fluid retention whatsoever during the second pregnancy (I couldn't believe it when my ankles stayed slender right until the bitter end!) but I really enjoyed the sessions which always left me feeling really calm and relaxed”.