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Hypnotherapy in Hebden Bridge

Wimbledon and Online

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Are you plagued by anxiety or over-thinking?

Has stress affected your sleep or self-esteem?

Do you lack the confidence to make a change?

If you were happy about everything in your life you probably wouldn't be reading this. It could be that you are worn to a frazzle by worry or self-doubt. Maybe you seek comfort through food, drink or shopping. Or maybe you are in an unhappy relationship or unsatisfying job. If you want help to change something, read on.

I work with women and men who are plagued by negative thoughts or behaviours to stop these patterns, so they can find peace and contentment.

If long-term therapy or counselling doesn't appeal to you and you want to get results in the shortest possible time, give me a call. Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy and a collaborative process; we'll work together to help you to achieve the change you seek. I'm not a fixer, but I am a very experienced therapist and I have supported many clients to make big changes that have resulted in a happier life.

During the Covid19 lockdown all sessions are conducted using Zoom video conferencing software.

Want to get started? Call me now on 07525 012221 or email me