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The Hypnotherapy Centre

421 Durnsford Road, London, SW19 8EE

0208 947 3338

Is something missing in your life or relationship?

Do you hate the way you react to people or situations?

Are you bored with your story but impacted by your history?

I help women and men whose 'stuff' is getting in the way of a happy and fulfilling life. If you know where the problem stems from but feel unable to change it, or you feel emotional, exhausted, sad or angry, I can help. My particular expertise is in anxiety, trauma, and complex self-esteem and confidence issues. If your background is 'messy' or complicated or your confident persona hides a fragility that only your friends or lovers know about, work with me to improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Why me?

If you hate the idea of spending many weeks, months or years, talking about your past (or your parents) or you've done all that but still feel rubbish, I could be the therapist for you. I listen to understand your problem and you. Then we get started on the important stuff; helping you to feel better and react differently.

I’m a confident and experienced therapist and my 20 plus years experience means that it is likely that you will see me for fewer sessions than you might expect. I'll also teach you resilience strategies and easy self-hypnosis methods and I'll give you free hypnosis recordings to use between sessions.

Want to get started? Call me now on 020 8947 3338 or email me